Math and Science Bureau
Facilitating collaboration among students, parents, educators, business and industry leaders, legislators, and government officials
leading to high levels of student achievement and interest in math and science

Math and Science Education Day at the Legislature
February 25, 2009
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Strategic Action Plan for Advancing Math and Science Education in New Mexico

Reports to the LESC
Report on Mathematics and Science Education Issues in New Mexico (November 2008)

Math and Science Bureau Reports
Math/Science Report—Vol 1 Issue 6 (November 2008)
Math/Science Report—Vol 2 Issue 1 (January 2009)
Math/Science Report—Vol 2 Issue 2 (March 2009)

Math/Science Report—Vol 2 Issue 3 (May 2009)
Math/Science Report—Vol 2 Issue 4 (August 2009)

About Us

The Math and Science Bureau was created in July 2006 with funding from the Legislature and the support of Governor Richardson and Secretary Garcia. The concept of a unit within the PED that “will inject expertise into the system at every level from the building level to the state department level, and will build and support infrastructure” was originally proposed in a New Mexico 1st Town Hall Meeting on Math and Science Education held in November 2005.