Quality Assurance and Systems Integration Division
Dr. Sheila Hyde, Assistant Secretary

Articles from the ELL Summit:

A Narrow Bridge to Academic Reading
A Place for All Families
A Process—Not a Test
All Languages Welcome Here
Best Practices for Adolescent ELLs
From the Ballot Box to the Classroom
Getting Parents—and Systems—On Board
How to Start Academic Conversations
Let's Make Dual Language a Norm

Link to Prior Learning
Small Group Intervention for ELLs
The Case for Structured English Immersion
The Demographic Imperative
The Value of Culture
There's More to See
Top Notch Supports for Language Learners
Undocumented with College Dreams
Winning Schools for ELLs

Quality Assurance Bureau

Customer service
, internal & compliant, triage and intervention

Organizational development:
Systems alignment, quality assurance monitoring, cross functional teams, strategic planning, organizational development, accreditation

Priority Schools Bureau

School improvement framework

EPSS coordination

Technical assistance

Dr. Sheila Hyde
Assistant Secretary for Quality Assurance and Systems Integration

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