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Professional Development Links

Because student populations and depth of RtI framework implementation vary from school to school, it is expected that no two districts or schools will have the same professional development needs. Ongoing professional development about the delivery of the core program, as well as differentiated instruction, data analysis, data-based decision-making, behavioral intervention plans, classroom management, Student Assistance Team (SAT) process, Section 504, and instruction/interventions for culturally-different learners are just a few of the topics within the RtI framework that districts and schools will want to look at when assessing and designing their local professional development plans.

Local professional development plans and activities also need to align with state rule at 6.65.2 NMAC:

Check this link regularly for upcoming and archived web-based professional development resources. However, keep in mind that RtI frameworks vary by state, so you will want to put the information you see and hear in context with New Mexico's three-tier model.

Professional Development at Your Fingertips!

  • The National Center on RtI at hosts periodic webinars. If you miss one, don't worry! You can still watch the recording and view the presentation slides. Go to their website and click on Events/Webinars to see the list. Here is a sample of recent ones.
    • The High School Tiered Interventions Initiative: The Implementation of Tiered Interventions and RtI in High Schools
    • RtI in Middle Schools
    • Response to Intervention and School-wide Positive Behavior Support
  • Be sure to check out upcoming and archived webinars at Schools Moving Up, a WestEd initiative. There are a variety of webinar topics and other resources at this link that are relevant to implementing an RtI framework such as differentiated instruction, assessment, diverse learners, and more. Check out their other archived webinars at any time.
  • Check out professional development resources from the RtI Action Network. Go to for a variety of "RtI Talks", webinars, forums, and videos.

Training Modules

The IRIS Center for Training Enhancements:

The IRIS Center aims to provide high-quality resources for faculty and professional development providers. It provides free, online, interactive training enhancements that translate research about the education of students with disabilities into practice. All materials are freely available for use via the website and may be printed without permission.

The four-part modules on RtI can be accessed by clicking Resources, Star Legacy Modules, then scrolling down to the "Differentiated Instruction" section.

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