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Frequently Asked Questions about the New Mexico Public Education Department


  • Where do I send my transcripts if I’ve obtained a master’s degree?

You would send your transcripts to the Public Education Department’s Licensure Bureau at the following:

New Mexico Public Education Department
Attn: Licensure
300 Don Gaspar
Santa Fe, NM 87501


Please note, however, that if you are seeking to advance to Level 3A (Instructional Leader) you must FOLLOW the guidelines established for such licensure.  Please visit www.teachnm.org for detailed information or see the below:
To advance to Level III-A (Instructional Leader), you must:

  • Earn a Masters Degree or National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification (NBPTS).
  • Complete at least 3 complete academic years of teaching at Level II.
  • Demonstrate increased teaching competencies required for Level III-A by submitting your Professional Development Dossier (PDD) to the Public Education Department. The PDD is a collection of evidence that has been collected over the most recent three-year period and must include the following components at Level III indicators:

Strand A. Evidence of Effective Teaching based upon competencies I, II, and V.
Strand A evidence includes:
(a) student achievement data (The data provides evidence of growth and progress of the students in your class or classes. The state’s standardized test scores will not be used unless you choose to use them. PED will provide models for collecting student achievement data for the content areas that teachers may decide to use in their PDDs. Your task is to present a compelling case in the PDD through student achievement data that your students demonstrate growth over the time they are with you.); and
(b) assessment techniques and procedures; and
(c) instructional plans and materials; and
(d) examples of student work and performance; and
(e) evidence of implementation of state curriculum standards;
Strand B. Evidence of Student Learning based upon competencies III, IV, VI, and VII.
Strand B evidence includes some required evidence and some optional evidence as follows:
a) Required evidence:
   i.)   adaptations/modification for diverse learners; and
   ii.)  evidence of effective classroom management strategies and procedures; and
   iii.)  classroom observation reports; and
   iv.)  evidence of communication with students and parents.
(b) Optional evidence in the form of:
   i.)   student surveys; and/or
   ii.)  electronic media recording of classroom activities with reflections/analysis.
Strand C. Evidence of Professional Learning based upon competencies VII and IX.
Strand C evidence includes at least one of the following:
(a) professional development activities associated with your annual professional development plan (PDP); or
(b) evidence of collaborating with professional community; or
(c) parent surveys; or
(d) research publications; or
(f) professional presentations.
OR certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.
Strand D. Verify your leadership roles based on the nine teacher competencies and indicators for Level III-A teachers.
Strand E . Copies of successful annual evaluations for your previous 2 years of teaching, your superintendent’s recommendation for your licensure advancement, and your district’s verification of the data submitted in your PDD.
Once you submit your PDD, along with a fee of $175.00, strands one, two and three will be forwarded to two Independent Reviewers to assess if you have demonstrated that you meet competency standards at Level III-A. Your employing school district rates strands four and five. Each of the five strands will be rated as “exceeds standards,” “meets standards,” or “does not meet standards.” You must meet or exceed standards in all five strands in order to advance to Level III. Your Level III-A License will be issued once the PED confirms that you meet standards in all five strands. If you are not successful in meeting standards in one or more of the strands, the passing scores that you earned in the other strands may be “banked” for two years to allow you to resubmit any unsuccessful strand(s) the following year. In that way, you will need to work only on the strands you did not pass the first time. [Application to become an Independent Reviewer]
As a Level III-A teacher, you must develop a Professional Development Plan (PDP) with your principal at the beginning of each school year. Your PDP must be based upon New Mexico’s nine teacher competencies for Licensure Level III-A, although it may also include other factors that are determined locally. At the end of each school year your principal will evaluate your performance based upon your PDP and the nine teacher competencies for Level III-A.
In addition, Level III-A teachers who teach in core academic areas must establish that they are “highly qualified” for their teaching assignment(s) each year.
If you continue to demonstrate Level III-A competencies, you will remain at Level III-A for the remainder of your teaching career by renewing your Level III-A License every nine years. To renew your Level III-A License, your superintendent must verify that you meet the competencies and indicators for Level III-A and recommend that your license be renewed.
Salary: As a Master Teacher, you will earn a minimum of $45,000 phased in by 2006-2007 and a minimum of $50,000 phased in by 2007-2008.

For additional information, please contact the Licensure Bureau at




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