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School Budget &
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2015-2016 Membership Projections
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Responsibilities of the School Budget & Finance Analysis Bureau

  • Reviews, analyzes, and approves all charter and district budgets
  • Monitors the distribution and use of nearly half of the state's General Fund appropriations each year
  • Provides school finance information to the legislature, the federal government, the general public, and other interested parties

Additional services

  • Maintains the "Manual of Procedures for Public School Accounting and Budgeting"
  • Provides technical support and training for school district and charter school business personnel
  • Helps develop the public school support appropriation recommendation
  • Collects and analyzes student membership data
  • Establishes local school district property tax levies


Phone (505) 827-3860
Fax (505) 827-9931
Education Building | Room 221