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State Regulations
on Transportation of Students

The Public School Transportation Regulations established under the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC); Title 6 - Primary and Secondary Education; Chapter 40 - School Bus Equipment; Chapter 41- Transportation - School Bus safety; Chapter 42 - Transportation - School Attendance and Service Areas and Capter 43 - Transportation - Operations and Funding 

Chapter 40

School Bus Equipment

6.40.2 NMAC

Standards and School Bus Phase-Out

Previous Regulation 6 NMAC 9.2

Chapter 41

School Bus safety

6.41.2 NMAC

School Bus Inspections

Previous Regulation 6 NMAC 9.5.1

6.41.3 NMAC

Standards for Determining Hazardous Walking Conditions

Previous Regulation 6 NMAC 9.5.2

6.41.4 NMAC

Standard for Providing Transportation to Eligible Students

Previous Regulation 6 NMAC 9.5.3

Chapter 42

School Attendance and Service Areas

6.42.2 NMAC

Temporary Transportation Boundary Agreements

Previous Regulation 6 NMAC 9.3.1



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