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Career Technical Education is the country's most effective workforce development system. It teaches in more than 139 occupational areas and has an annual budget of $13 billion dollars. It reaches 11 million students every day in every community throughout the country through an extensive network of 15,000 secondary and 6,500 post secondary educational institutions. Career and Technical Education employs the applied learning method, which teaches through the practical application of theories. This learning method appeals to 75% of the population which does not respond well to the traditional method of lecture and abstract reasoning, making it a highly effective teaching program. Career Technical Education has also pioneered performance-based assessment systems which guarantee a graduate's competence to future employers, and is continuing to take great steps to integrate academic and vocational education as a way to improve occupational skill levels while strengthening students' basic and higher order thinking abilities. (Source: 2000-2001 National Association of State Directors of Vocational Technical Education Consortium)

Non-Traditional Careers
Table for 2013-2014 Postsecondary Reporting

Final Agreed Upon Measures for 2013-2014 are under negotiation and are not yet available

Final Agreed Upon Performance Measures 2013-2014

Career Tech Performance Measures, by School

2007-2013 School/District Level Results Secondary and Postsecondary

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Career and Technical Education Standards

Common Career Technical Core Standards


New Mexico 5 Year Career-Technical Education State Plan

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