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College and Career Readiness Bureau (CCRB)
This site provides you with information on programs, rules, and other information for college and career readiness. We welcome any suggestions you may have that will improve this site for individuals working to provide high quality college and career readiness programs for students.

The College and Career Readiness Bureau of the New Mexico Department of Education is dedicated to providing the students of our state with a seamless education that takes them from primary school through secondary and postsecondary studies. Integration of academic foundations and occupational skills will best prepare them for the rigorous academic demands of college and the careers most in demand for the economic development of New Mexico.

We recognize the constantly shifting economic and employment landscape faced by today's students as they prepare themselves to further their postsecondary education and enter the 21st century workforce. For a chance at success, today's high school graduate must be competent in English and math skills in order to engage in entry-level, credit-bearing postsecondary coursework. Whether a high school graduate's postsecondary goals are to attend a four-year university, community college, apprenticeship or on the job training, today's graduate must recognize that education does not end at the 12th grade and that to be competitive in the job market, it is essential to build significantly upon solid secondary academics and career-technical education with postsecondary study through dual credit or Advanced Placement courses. College and career ready students are those who successfully complete all the academic coursework of a secondary education as prescribed by graduation requirements, and who also have rounded out their education with subjects that help focus and define their future studies in a postsecondary environment or career path. P-20 Academic and Career Pathways are an integrated collection of learning experiences intended to develop students' core academic skills and provide them with continuous education and employability credentials. College and career readiness is the unifying force in P-20 education that propels students from a solid foundation from early and secondary learning into rigorous career and technical education programs and college completion goals.
Reach out to the CCRB for technical assistance or answers to your questions by calling 505-827-6729.
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