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Career Technical Education
Perkins IV and Potential for Education Redesign Efforts

Perkins IV implementation within New Mexico continues to support the alignment of career-technical education with State initiatives relating to the redesign of secondary schools and enhanced collaboration with post secondary education.

The implementation of Perkins IV ensures that career-technical education programs are an integral part of these efforts.

The purpose of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) is to assist states in developing a comprehensive system of Career-Technical Education.

Through the implementation of the 5-Year State Plan under Perkins IV, New Mexico seeks continued improvement in Career-Technical education programs by moving toward the deployment of the framework for 21st century learning at the secondary and post secondary levels using the career clusters framework.

The links below are designed to assist your institution in the management of your Perkins grant.

You are encouraged to contact your grant monitor for any assistance you may need.


New Perkins Orientation Resources, Oct. 13, 2015 NEW!

Perkins Management Policies and Procedures NEW!

Grants Management Manual NEW!

6.29.3 NMAC Primary and Secondary Education (Common Career Technical Core Standards)

Program of Study Evaluation Tool

CORD Career Pathways Documents (56mb zip) | Observation Guide

Career and Technical Education Standards

Common Career Technical Core Standards

Perkins IV:

New Mexico 5 Year Career-Technical Education State Plan

Consolidated Annual Report 2013-2014

Non-Traditional Careers
Courses with Clusters and Non-Traditional 2013-2014

Performance Data

Final Agreed upon Performance Measures 2007-2016

Proficiencies by School 2007-2014

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