New Mexico - Public Education Department

Staff Directory

Charter School Division
New Mexico Public Education Department
300 Don Gaspar Ave, Rm 301
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2786

Matt Pahl
Charter School Division Interim Director
(505) 827-8068

Linda Olivas
Executive & Administrative Assistant
(505) 827-6909

Valerie Cordova
Business Operations Specialist
(505) 827-6788

Edward Woodd
Education Administrator
(505) 827-6576

Ron Christopherson
Education Administrator
(505) 827-6565

Karen Ehlert
Education Administrator
(505) 827-1237

Brad Richardson
Education Administrator
(505) 827-6698

Rachel Stofocik
Education Administrator

Amy Sara Chacón
Education Administrator
(505) 827-4527

If you need information that is not available on the website, contact Linda Olivas, Options for Parents Division, at (505) 827-6909 or Contact Us at Charter School Division, New Mexico Department of Public Education, 300 Don Gaspar Ave, Rm 301, Santa Fe, NM 87501-2786

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