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Prospective Charter School Development Process
Form Submission Deadline PEC Approval Date
2017 Notice of Intent to Submit Charter Application Form | Word Second Tuesday in January
2017 New Charter School Application Kit: June 1 2/10/2017
Charter School Renewal Process
Form Submission Deadline PEC Approval Date
Renewal Timeline 2016-2017
Renewal Process Guidance 3/28/2014
2016-2017 State Charter Renewal Application Kit 3/28/2014
Monitoring Plan and Tools
Form Submission Deadline PEC Approval Date
Improvement Plan Template Annual – Based on Performance 5/13/16
Governing Body Observation Form n/a n/a
Contract Process Overview n/a 1/10/2014 &
Performance Framework Template School specific 2/13/2015
Contract Worksheet School specific 2/13/2015
Ongoing School Contract Template n/a 1/10/2014 &
Ongoing School Contract Exhibit n/a 1/10/2014 &
Planning Year Checklist Before June 1st planning year 11/13/2015
School Closure Form School specific 1/13/2014
Board of Finance Application
Waiver Request Form
State Charter Amendment Request Form 4 weeks prior to PEC monthly meeting
Public School Facilities Authority
Form Submission Deadline PEC Approval Date
FMP Templates and Facility Planning
State Chartered Schools 5-Year Educational Specifications (Ed Spec's) and Facility Master Plans (FMP's)
Facilities Checklist
Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
Charter School Division Trainings
Training Date Training was Offered
  2017 Leadership Conference(click to open)
June 21-22, 2017
Contract Negotiation Training
  New Administrator Training (click to open)
July 7-8, 2016
PEC Policies and Forms
Form Submission Deadline PEC Approval Date
Governance Changes Policy Statement n/a 2/10/2017
Governance Changes Form Within 30 Days of Board Member Resignation or Designation 2/10/2017

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