New Mexico - Public Education Department

School District Report Cards provide a summary of:
  • LEA demographic profile
  • Accountability
    • Summaries of A-F School Grades
    • Cohort graduation rates (4, 5, and 6 year)
    • Status of non-graduates
    • Attendance
    • Growth for Q1 (lowest 25%) and Q3 (highest 75%) subgroups
  • Achievement
    • Proficiencies in reading, mathematics, and science
    • Participation in assessments
    • NAEP statewide summary for grades 4 and 8
  • School board member training
  • Budgeted expenditures
  • Teacher credentials
  • Post-secondary achievement (college going, credit accumulation)
  • Parent survey on the quality of education
District Report Cards by Year

** Pending
† Data represents school year 2003-2004, but is mislabeled 2004-2005

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