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Directions to NW Bureau in Gallup NM

The Northwest Bureau is located in the El Mercado Plaza complex, two doors north of the Sears store.
09 0625 NW Bureau (6)   
Map of 23 School Districts and 22 tribal locations
The map below shows the majority of NM tribal students are enrolled in schools located in the North and Northwest part of the state,
the exception being the Mescalero Apaches in South Central New Mexico.
07 IESR Tribal Dist Map    

Map of NA enrollment and number of schools in district 

The map below shows the number of public schools and the enrollment of American Indian students in New Mexico during the 2009-10 SY.

The map below shows the area where American Indian public students are enrolled during the 2008-09 SY. 
One dot represents 10 students.

0910 NA Enroll and No of Schools.tif

NM AI Enroll DotDensity.jpg

     Source: PED Website - District Fact Sheet (2009-10 Student Enrollment and 2009-10 Number of School Sites)


Source: NMPED Data and Collections Bureau, SY 2010-11

Chart of NM Student Enrollment by Ethnicity and Tribe

Chart of NM American Indian Enrollment rate
The average American Indian enrollment rate over seven years is 10.92%

Chart of NA graduation rate
New Mexico has implemented and transitioned to a 4 year cohort computation rate for graduation. Previously the state utilized a senior completion method that tracked 12th grade graduation, this year marks the second year. The 2009 cohort represents students who were freshmen in 2005 and who graduated by September, 2009.  The first 4-year cohort (2008 Cohort) represented students who were freshmen in 2004 and who graduated by September, 2008.

American Indian school personnel in NM.

Source: NMPED Fact Sheet: District Personnel by Ethnicity & Gender report, 40D.
* Starting in 2010-11 all Staff numbers are calculated using FTE

American Indian Student Proficiency in NM.

Source: NMPED Assessment and Accountability Division

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