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New Mexico's Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

Starting in the 2014–2015 school year, New Mexico's current reading, writing, and mathematics components of the Standards Based Assessment (SBA) will be replaced with the New Mexico Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness of College and Careers (NMPARCC) assessments developed to measure the full extent to which students are demonstrating mastery of the New Mexico Common Core State Standards (NMCCSS). Students in grades 3-High School will take the NMPARCC Assessments.

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PARCC Tools and Resources Description Location
October Countdown to PARCC handouts
  • Handouts providing PARCC information for Administrators, Teachers, and Families
Introducing CD to PARCC
October CD to PARCC for Administrators
October CD to PARCC for Teachers
October CD to PARCC for Families
PARCC Overview and Updates Presentation
  • Superintendent's Meeting, 10/22/14
Superintendent's Meeting October 22, 2014
PARCC for Higher Education Presentation
  • Statewide Postsecondary Convening, 9/22/14
PARCC for Higher Ed
PARCC Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
  • Special Education Directors Meeting 9/10/14
SPED Directors PARCC Accommodations
PARCC Updates Presentation
  • 2014 New Mexico Assessment Conference, 7/29/14
Test Coordinator Training 4 PARCC Updates NM
CCSS and PARCC General Overview

Model Content Frameworks for Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy

  • Serves as a bridge between the CCSS and PARCC assessments
  • Supports implementation of CCSS
  • Released Summer 2011

Item and Task Prototypes

  • Exemplifies of how assessment items may appear on PARCC
  • Indicates the cognitive demand students will have to demonstrate
  • Released Summer 2012

Creation of State Educator Leader Cadres

  • A network of K–16 educators that works actively in each state to provide professional development and expand the number of educators informed on CCSS and PARCC initiatives.
  • Created Summer 2011

PARCC Technology Readiness Tool

  • Developed by PARCC and by state agencies to gather data on technology capacity of schools and districts.
  • Use of the Tool to be determined by PED

PARCC has made public the minimum technology specifications:

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