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Early Reading Intervention

Half of all students in New Mexico can't read at grade level. The most recent Student-Based Assessment Data (SBA) reveals our students are losing ground when it comes to reading. In the 2009-2010 school year, only 57% of New Mexico's 3rd graders were reading at or above their grade level. One year later, only 47% of those same students were proficient in the 4th grade.

In New Mexico, thousands of children are not given early reading intervention from Kindergarten through 3rd grade, meaning last year just over 12,000 of them were not proficient in reading when they entered the 4th grade. A student's ability to read at grade level by the 3rd grade is the #1 indicator whether or not that student will complete high school. The 2011 study, conducted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, noted that a student who can't read at grade level in the 3rd grade is four times more likely to drop out. The focus of PED should never be to hold back students, but to make sure they have these essential skills so that retention is never part of the process.

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