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Hanna Skandera - Secretary, Public Education Department

Welcome to the New Mexico Public Education Department's website. We are at an important time where we ask ourselves, "What will it take to dramatically improve public education in New Mexico?" As the Secretary of Education, I call on every educator, student, parent, community member and public servant to share in the responsibility for the success of our children and, ultimately, the future of the great state of New Mexico.

I want to ensure that the Department provides real results and shows smarter returns on New Mexico's taxpayers' investment in education. I want the best teachers teaching our children and I want to reward outstanding educators who excel in their field. Lastly, I want options for parents to give them the choice to provide the best for their child.

The time is now and New Mexico is the place. Please help join my call to change education in New Mexico for the better.

Click "Join Us" so you can help lead the charge for educational reform in your neighborhood.

Warm regards,

Hanna Skandera
Secretary of Education

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