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Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring is an integral element of the RtI framework. As an individual student or groups of students receive instruction and/or intervention, teachers may divide what they expect students to learn or achieve by the end of year into shorter, measurable steps.

Teachers test students at set intervals (example: a five-minute test every two weeks) to check their progress towards those shorter steps. The teachers' progress monitoring documentation, which needs to include graphs or data charts, serves as useful information for modifying the instruction and/or intervention, or for referring students to the next tier of help, as necessary.

The NMPED does not endorse any particular vendor or progress monitoring product, but offers the following resources that schools may investigate further:

  • National Center on Student Progress Monitoring. To meet the challenges of implementing effective progress monitoring, the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has dedicated this national technical assistance and dissemination center to the implementation of scientifically-based student progress monitoring.
  • The above website is accessible, but is not being updated. For updated tool charts for progress monitoring, go to the National Center on Response to Intervention's website at The charts do not recommend specific products, but are intended to be used as a consumer reports — to help educators become informed consumers.
  • Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation (GRADE), Pre-K to adult.
  • Group Mathematics Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation (G-MADE), Grades K12.
  • AIMSweb.
  • School-Wide Information System (SWIS), a program to assist schools in collecting discipline referral data and using it to drive decision-making about the school's student behavior plan.
  • Wireless Generation offers progress monitoring technology for schools.
  • eInstruction's Classroom Performance System provides instructional and assessment technology. or
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